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For Those of you who watch Extreme Couponing, these should be some familiar faces. However, this video was made by the twins and is not a clip from the show. So they made this video for all of their “fans” from the show in order to Thank them. Now I do not know how you can get fans from being a coupon user!!! Well I guess you take what you can get, and if they have a show, use that fame!!!HAHAH … My twin sister and I should take up Extreme Couponing and make a video, it could be a twin battle for the most “fans”…hey it could work…

My Lipstick Jungle: The Real Housewives of Orange County


Okay we saw another episode of the housewives of the OC last night and here is my recap of it.

Vicky prefers work to Don her husband. Well Vicky what a surprise.

Gretchen continues to be excited about her surprise party for her parents anniversary.

Peggy getting new boobs. Even people…

 *** Good Lord! It sure doesnt take much to get a reality TV show anymore! haha…but The Real Housewives of Orange County are my favorite housewives if I had to pick ;) -Annie

I Can Play Pranks Too

So on every Reality TV show, there is always a time when people are playing pranks on each other. Whether it being Snookie putting moldy cheese under The Situations bed, (where he thinks its the girls he brings home, smelling bad LOL). Well anyways I can play pranks too! So for Spring Break this year I went to Arizona with my family, I know lame, but hey i’ll take what I can get! So we went there partly to visit my Grandma, and in her house she has these two wooden ducks on top of her TV, which i decided to move into a little different positions. (See picture)

So after about three days we went back to her house for a final dinner, where my Dad asked “Mom, why did you put those ducks in that position (he knew I did it), I didnt think you thought like that!?” She got so embarrassed, and said that she must have bumped the ducks while moving the flower pots. haha to this day she still thinks she did it, and the ducks remain in this compromising position…

Another good prank that my Aunt first played on me, was telling me to try this Hot Sauce, because she didnt think I could handle it…So hearing that I took a finger dip of the sauce and ALMOST DIED! This hot sauce was so hot, it even says on the label ” dont use if you have heart problems” and ” this product can also be used for an industrial cleaner and grease remover”! This later became a huge joke all week, but the worst was when my Aunt put the Hot Sauce in my Dad’s Margarita! We all passed it around to try it afterwards and I swear this is the breakthrough for cheap lip injection solutions! This Sauce burned your lips so bad that it made your lips get bigger, redder, and “puff up”…So if you dare give it a try…

Wow, The Real World just keeps getting better locations! Yet, i find it very odd that these people are in sin city and they are already forming relations with each other! Oh well, I guess some people know what they want right away. I could never go on the Real World, because I would probably end up making a fool of myself in front of the whole world! In the girls, there is always a “hot one”, “slutty one”, “dumb one” or the one with the boyfriend (who no one really cares to listen to), so I dont think I would want any of these titles! Also, I dont know how these people feel comfortable with their parents watching everything that they do while extremely intoxicated…most would not be proud…hence why I did not go to the casting call in Boulder…

More like Wind “Blows” look

Whoever thought that the “wind blown” look was hot, was seriously mistaken. Well, yea I guess it can be hot if you’re in a room getting blown by a fan, and having your hair perfectly frame your face, but let’s get real. This is not what happens in real life! Here in Boulder, the winds are so strong and fierce, I can even get blown away (which is not an easy task as I am 5’8” and not a stick figure), and my hair goes wild. My hair is very long, so the wind is very annoying as it blows my hair all over the place…I swear I will probably cough up a hair ball soon if this wind keeps acting up. Okay, so if long hair wasn’t the only problem, try LIPGLOSS!!! I am addicted to lipgloss and apply in constantly, but boy do i regret that on a windy day! My hair gets blown into my lipgloss, giving me a mustache you could say, which is anything but HOT! So forget all you wind blown hair models, THAT IS NOT REALITY!!! I’d like to see those skinny girls hold up in these Boulder winds…I guess thats free airfare for them, so at least they benefit.

Us bigger girls shall stick together and try to remain looking descent on these windy days…One day we may get the slow motion fan on our side, but we can only dream.

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Okay, Did you all catch this episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York last night? Oh my god, I was watching it with my roommates and my boyfriend glanced over and saw the cane that Scott was sporting, and was like ” I can dig that” I want one…UM EXCUSE ME?! That is the most hideous fashion accessory i’ve ever seen. Why would you want to “seem” like you have a limp or problem walking on your own? beats me! This episode also gets me going, because since when is Kim Kardashian a singer?! Oh wait she’s not. I mean all she was doing was talking the words into the song. I could do that. I could also sell millions if i had a voice machine alternator thingy or whatever you call it, to make me sound good!

I still love the Kardashians, but I dont know if I see that song hitting my iPod anyday soon!

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